I dare!

Normally, life is composed by bits and pieces of stories. On a general level, we keep trying to put all these bits and pieces together to finally get the whole picture. What if we dared instead to forget for a moment about the ”Whole Picture” and just concentrate on a single Fragment?

I dare!

The Fragment restaurant is a completely atypical space, essentially different from the Arena where it resides and is ready to indulge its’ clients in a special and unique experience. The name “Fragment” is inspired by a very intense lack of compatibility between the restaurant and the Arena. Our space separates itself from the sporting context of the stadium and is defined by some distinct elements: elegance, eccentric sensations, refined presence, trust, inspiration, quality. It’s a modern, alive, cutting-edge style establishment. It is a piece that is neither additional, nor missing from the whole context of the Arena and it creates for itself a strong, personal identity from fragments of ideas and forms.

In the beginning there was only a kind of attic on the ground, defined as such by the architecture of the arena. Our innovative design made use of small fragments to transform the attic into something different and make the limited offer of the space a creative challenge. The restaurant has a sculptural architecture, contemporary, built with new materials and is based on a very inspired combination of colours: from mineral grey to a silky beige to an unexpectedly alive green. It is hard to believe that such a place can exist in the industrial, closed, concrete-like stadium. We kindly suggest you to dare and see our Fragment in detail.

No, not just see it. For sure, there will be some sensational experiences waiting for you once in our home. Cutting-edge cuisine? Our kitchen uses high-technology instruments and gastronomical innovation. This helps our Chef not to hurry when preparing the dishes, but instead focus his energy and time on creativity, ideas, exotic combinations and tastes. So not only is the interior design full of novelty, but also the design of our dishes. Fragments of inspiration…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, in our restaurant a dish is worth at least a thousand sensations. The Fragment Gastronomy doesn’t just offer a simple savouring, a good smell or a classical arrangement. We like to paint in bright colours and to create dishes that taste deliciously, with aesthetic feeling, with the dynamic life appetite of an inspired cook. Our intention is to make you feel magically enraptured by all the combinations of colours, textures, aromas and flavours. What’s more is that all our dishes are always accompanied by the most appropriate wine. We have a various list of recommended wines that our waiters are prepared to present and inspire you with the most daring choices.

So, we could make you an offer that you couldn’t refuse, but we would rather make you a long-term promise. We will become a Fragment of your life, one that you care deeply about, because you respect yourselves and because you want high-quality experiences for you, your friends, partners and lovers. We will organise special events every month that gather specific themes and savoury stories from our invited chefs. We will be so versatile as to offer unique menus inspired by those stories and themes; our creations and ideas will be in a continuous dynamic, but they will always be based on the quality consistency. And the consistency of our quality services will be fed by your constant presence.