”Autumn Fragments”, a story in the restaurant

Who said that during the autumn we have to count the goslings? We don’t have time to count anything, ever since the official launching of the restaurant we have been in a continuous activity. It is so interesting how things get their contour once you let them paint themselves. 🙂 Only one month since we officially opened and nou we are getting ready for a new event, one that we promised to organize every month and that will promote the creative qualities of our chefs and other chefs invited.

This time, more precise on the 23rd of November, at 20.00, we are organizing a gourmet dinner called “The Autumn Fragments”, in which we want to present – of course with the help of our chef Eduardo – a special menu built upon the theme of the autumn. Yes, there is so much richness and colour in this season that we could not ignore its magic, thus making something special for our clients. So, the surprise menu will be a complete one, we will announce later what it actually involves, and it will be available to try for two weeks only as a supplementary menu to our normal list of products. And what Eduardo is preparing will be associated – could not be otherwise – with the most appropriate wines for this time of year and also for our autumn gourmet painting.

We begin our series of thematic gastronomical dinners with our own chef, Eduardo. Chef Eduardo began his career in the kitchen of his grandmother, when he was not really aware of the fact that all the information he was getting then will be of great help later in his professional life. When he was 19, Eduardo was chosen to practice his knowledge and talent in one of the most visited bar places in Mexico. He understood then that his initial wish to become an architect will transform into a career of architect of high-class dishes. He build his experience as a chef in some of the most important restaurants in the Caribbean and came to Romania to enchant our senses with everything he knows. So we could not have begun our events with any other that the host of our Fragment kitchen, but starting with next month we will also invite other chefs.

We are a distinct Fragment and we want everything we do in our space to be in accordance with our ideas of quality and innovation. The Events “… Fragments” are a new concept that we want to grow, with your presence. We are looking forward to seeing you at our gourmet dinner, “Autumn Fragments”. Don’t forget to book a place by calling at 0770102030 or by sending an email at reservations@fragment.ro.