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We put our efforts in people, details and the creativity of senses. And so, the story of a fine-dining restaurant in Cluj-Napoca begins.

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Vegetable tart

A simple and delicate foundation built with the magic of the parmesan incorporated in flour and butter, on which we raise a small vegetable palace, carefully and with inspiration. From cherry tomatoes, to fennel, to broccoli and pleurotus mushrooms, each compartment is combined perfectly to sustain the joy of tastes. A small senzorial palace that Fragment is very proud of.

Duck with mashed sweet potatoes

The duck breast is already an obvious hint regarding the richness and elegance of our dish. If you put the Chef’s artistry in preparing it next to the refined texture and taste of the mashed sweet potatoes, all ennobled with the anise aroma caught in honey, it is easy to understand that this recommendation is worth being tried and loved. Just as it is.

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